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The New Toyota Voxy Hybrid S-Z with both internal and external excellence
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The 2023 Toyota Voxy Hybrid S-Z is a seven-seater model that is not only practical but also showcases a unique and stylish exterior design that leaves a lasting impression. It features an exclusive devil-face grille, three-eye LED headlights, and gorgeous 17-inch alloy wheels, creating an extraordinary sense of presence.

In terms of the interior, the Voxy Hybrid S-Z combines advanced technology with a comfortable design. The vehicle is equipped with electric sliding doors on both sides, along with boarding steps. With a ground clearance of approximately 200mm, it can easily navigate through narrow streets and accommodate passengers of all ages. The interior boasts comfortable leather seats and advanced features such as foot-sensor-activated side doors and a 7-inch TFT instrument panel. The second-row seats adopt a Captain Seat design with independent footrests. The rear seats can be easily folded with just one hand. The cabin height is approximately 1,405mm, providing ample space for seating and luggage. There is also additional storage space beneath the luggage compartment. The power tailgate can be adjusted freely, allowing users to set the angle according to their preference and eliminating the limitations of parking spaces. In addition to the aforementioned features, the black Voxy Hybrid S-Z is equipped with a detachable display screen, window wipers, and a head-up display, providing a more comprehensive in-car experience for the driver and passengers.

The Voxy Hybrid S-Z adopts a brand-new TNGA chassis, offering stable handling. It is equipped with the latest 1.8 Hybrid four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, which significantly reduces fuel consumption compared to the previous gasoline version, averaging less than $0.7 per kilometer. In terms of safety performance, the Voxy Hybrid S-Z is equipped with the latest Toyota Safety Sense package, including Pre-Collision System (PCS), automatic high/low beam switching system, lane departure warning system, and full-speed range dynamic radar cruise control (ACC), providing comprehensive safety protection for the driver.

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