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How long can Hong Kong vehicles stay when traveling north
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For travellers heading north with Hong Kong vehicles, it is essential to understand the time restrictions for each stay and the total duration allowed per year. Here are some important considerations regarding the duration of stay for Hong Kong vehicles travelling north.

According to relevant regulations, the duration of stay for each entry of Hong Kong vehicles travelling north cannot exceed 30 days. This means that your stay cannot exceed 30 days each time you enter. Whether for tourism, business, or visiting relatives, you need to handle your affairs and leave within 30 days.

Furthermore, travellers with Hong Kong vehicles heading north are also subject to a total stay limit within a year, which cannot exceed 180 days. This includes the total duration of all entries within a year, regardless of whether the stays are continuous or scattered. Therefore, you need to plan the duration of each entry carefully to ensure that it does not exceed the 180-day limit.

It is important to note that the duration of stay for Hong Kong vehicles traveling north cannot be extended. Once you enter the mainland, you cannot extend your stay within the country. If you wish to continue your stay, the only option is to apply for an extension within the valid period before the expiration date. Typically, you need to submit the extension application within 30 days before the expiration date to maintain your legal status.

In summary, for Hong Kong vehicles traveling north, the maximum stay per entry is 30 days, and the total stay within a year cannot exceed 180 days. Extensions are not possible within the mainland, so it's important to plan and apply for an extension before the expiration date within the valid period. Complying with these rules helps avoid legal issues. Plan your trip accordingly to ensure compliance with these time limits and legal requirements.

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